closed on monday

Closed On Monday is a virtual gallery, built with webgl. Explore a mysterious warehouse in search of art gems. Exhibition changes monthly. Check it out here!

pencils online

Pencil MMO is a massively multiplayer online game and artwork. Take control of a pencil and draw the world. Try the alpha version here (WIP).

threejs half-tone

A colour-halftone GLSL post-processing filter in contribution to the threejs project. Add a stylish print/halftone effect to your real-time 3d scenes. Check out a live demo here. The halftone pass is available as of threejs release #94.

Website and branding for Mechanics Festival, an experimental music festival coming to Boston in 2019. The teaser site features a procedure-generated 3D artwork which changes based on the time of day.

alabama blonde

Shopify theme and print design for Alabama Blonde, Melbourne's favourite punk fashion designer.

dongles video

Dongles is an experimental video which makes use of looped animation components to create large structures.

casting guild

A wordpress theme for the Casting Guild of Australia. The site features a number of parallax animation techniques.

Marée des Lettres

Worked in a team to produce an alt-reality game/ mobile app for a French literature festival. The app was built with React Native.

delaval film

Wordpress theme for Delaval Film, an award-winning UK Film Production company.

pixelsort suite

A directional pixel-sorting plugin for Adobe After Effects (CC 2015).

we are city plaza

Theme for We Are City Plaza, a photography project centred around the City Plaza refugee building in Athens, Greece.

the pixies

Worked on a music video for The Pixies' 2016 single -- Tenement Song.

victoria beck

Wordpress theme for Berlin fashion designer Victoria Beck, made in conjunction with Studio Teuber-Kohlhoff.


A no-nonsense javascript library for automating and looping HTML5 Canvas primitives.

motion capture

An experimental motion-capture dance video.

art in retail

Built a website for Berlin-based retail consultancy firm Art In Retail.

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